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Our wonderful location is situated 20 minutes south of Byron Bay. We use cutting edge technology for teaching our students and getting you flying faster while in a controlled environment. Our students perform their early soaring flights in smooth sea breeze as well as thermic conditions to teach the full range of skills, which is why we are able to offer such a broad range of services. We have been sharing our passion for flying through training new pilots, advancing pilot skills, and training instructors for many years. So, when you pay us a visit, you’ll most definitely be left in the best hands. When you go Paragliding in Ballina, you’ll be supplied with all your equipment and expert guidance.


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From $265.00pp

Paragliding tandem flight

For the ideal introduction to paragliding, fly tandem with a fully qualified instructor. A few steps down a gentle slope and you lift off into another world. Silently riding on invisible elevators, circling up like the eagles, watching the world disappear below as you reach for the clouds. If you’re ready for it, fly the paraglider yourself with the guidance of an experienced instructor. No previous knowledge is required for flight which lasts for approximately 30-minutes.

From $265.00pp

The X-Light Paramotor tandem Flight

Come and enjoy a flight in our comfortable wheelbase tandem machine. Sit down, strap up and enjoy the wonder of the beautiful Northern Rivers from the comfort of our new X-light wheelbase paramotor. Smell the salty air and delight in unhindered views of our region. No running or negotiating hills, just sit down and take in the sights!

From $300.00pp

The One Day Introduction

Some people need to touch and feel a paraglider to know if they want to really get into the sport. The 1-day intro is the ideal way to get introduced into the sport as well as meet some our team as we cover everything you need to know which includes a test hang in the simulator, learning the basics of weight shift, and brake steering. The focus of the day is to create a safe training environment and offer room for people to step out and challenge themselves while being professionally guided.

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  • 70 River St
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